RTG Blog #1 – The Road to Graduation

This year (2017) is the year I graduate (Hopefully with a BA Hons). As this is quite a big thing to say the least, I thought I’d start a blog that is separate from my FMP blog. The purpose of this blog is to get down ideas about what comes next, how I plan to go about it and my thoughts and feelings about this final leg of the journey.

At the moment nothing is 100% set in the ground of what I’m going to do, but I have a good idea of what I would like to do. At the moment my main focus is getting all my modules finished off. One of those modules, however, is all about setting up your own business, which is convenient as that’s one thing I’d really like to do.

To briefly explore that notion of my own business, it will involve setting up a lighting company. I tend to get work as a lighting technician on a semi-regular basis. So it would make sense to pursue that area as I already have a lot of the gear needed and I have experience. This would set everything up for my other pet project too. A year or so ago I set up a company called Scruffy Mutt Productions, something that I hope will one day become a fully fledged production company.  Due to the amount of Uni work I had I was forced to put it on the back burner.

The Scruffy Mutt Productions logo

Now, I know that it is pretty implausible and certainly not practical to leave University saying I going to make a living making my own films. Facts being facts films cost money to make and not many people are willing to just hand over the money to someone fresh out of Uni with no proven track record. Which is where starting a little smaller should help out. My current plan is to set up a Lighting Company that provides lighting services to filmmakers of all areas. As well as lighting I can provide services around set design and prop making. I have a few ideas about other areas I may be able to get money from too which I call “trickle funds”. The money made from this specialist arm of the Mutt will partly feed into funding my own films. The idea partly came from George Lucas, the creator of my all time favourite film franchise.

Lucas Film is a film and TV production company, THX is a sound company set up by Lucas so his films had great sound and Industrial Light and Magic was set up by Lucas as a visual effects company. To link that to what I’m considering, Scruffy Mutt is my Lucas Film, my lighting company will be an arm of Scruffy Mutt that works independently as well as with Scruffy Mutt such as THX or ILM.

As for now though I need to focus on getting the foundations laid and the modules passed. Speaking of which, I have work to do! So, Until Next Time!

TEN – Post Shoot Whitby

In today’s entry I’m going to quickly talk about the shoot in Whitby. So with out further ado, lets get started.

I think the first thing that comes to mind about the shoot is how cold it was! It was the type of icy windy cold blasts that leave your face and hands both numb and stiff instantly. It was also foggy, the sea was choppy and the clouds were low and utterly miserable. Perfect then, for capturing some scenes of winter.

Taken by Jack Watling

Taken by Jack WatlingMy first port of call was to go down to the harbour. There, we (I was assisted by my Girlfriend Katie for the day) set up the camera and captured some footage of the cliffs, sea and a few rock pools near the harbours edge. My objective for the harbour/sea shots was to capture movement as well as footage that fitted the theme of winter. The tide was out which was good as I could see rock pools that are usually hidden by several feet of water, it was a pity in some ways though as it meant I was not able to get footage of waves crashing against the harbour wall which would of been nice. I also got some nice shots of the cliffs further down the coast, which due to the fog and low cloud, looked very effective and gave me some ideas of how I could implement this footage into the film.

Taken by Katie



These two pictures were taken by Katie, the left one is of one of the rock pools that can only be seen when the tide is out. The right one is of me, the cloud behind shows just how grey and grim the weather was.



While shooting, I noticed on the other side of the harbour were two rock formations out to sea. Being now virtually frozen, we decided to get dinner (the obligatory fish and chips) which gave us a excuse to sit down and warm up before heading to the other side of the harbour.

Fish and Chips devoured, we headed to the other side of the Harbor to get the last few shots before heading onto the moors. By this point the weather was a little warmer which meant less numb hands and dripping noses. On this side of the harbour the sea was a little bit more choppy too, this would give me some good opposing images to the slightly calmer sea footage on the other side of the harbour. The way the sea, rock formations and cliffs worked with each other was also brilliant for the type of shot composition I was after. After about an hour filming, we headed back through Whitby to get to go to the moors.

Taken by jack WatlingUnfortunately, by the time we got to the moors heavy fog had set in and severe weather warnings were mentioned on the local radio station. Not wanting to get caught in a bad situation I decided to forgo shooting on the moors. Besides, as I could only see about 4 feet in front of me it felt it would be a pretty redundant task anyway.

Overall the shoot went well. Due to high wind speeds I have a little bit of shaky footage to sort out in post and the audio is no good but I got some good solid shots. I may reschedule a shoot to go up on the moors but hopefully I can find somewhere a little closer to home to save on travel expenses and time etc.

That’s it for this post.

Until Next Time.