This site was originally set up to support my BAhons degree in film-making. You can still see that blog on the site as my University requested that I keep it up as an example of work for future students to use.

The site is now a place to share some of my work and to allow people to purchase stock footage at a cheaper price compared to more established, expensive sites. As a student, I always valued the option of stock footage. Sometimes, you just couldn’t get the shot you needed or you didn’t have access to the required locations to get those last bits of filler footage. The problem I always found is that the price of said footage was usually very high or it wasn’t quite what I needed.

With that in mind, I’ve decided to set this site up. Here, you can find various stills and moving image stock footage to use in your own productions for a cheaper price than bigger sites aimed at larger companies.

All the footage and stills are shot by myself. As I am neither a professional Camera Operator or Photographer, the quality isn’t always as high as what you may find else where. It’s also not as varied as other sites. Most of the footage is shot in HD using a Canon 700D or Panasonic AGAC90a.

I hope you find this site useful,

J.A.G. Watling

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