FOUR – A Productive Day

Today has altogether been quite productive. I got feedback on my two main ideas for my Final Major Project production. The first of my ideas is to make a non bias Brexit Documentary that partly focuses on the if some people regret what they voted for during the EU Referendum. The second idea is to make an Experimental film with the themes of travel and interpretation.

Although neither were accepted with wide open arms, I did get enough feedback to develop the ideas a little further. For the Brexit Documentary I would;

  • Need to Identify people who would be willing to talk about their vote on camera
  • Need to identify a Unique Selling Point

For the Experimental Film I would;

  • Need to make a demo to show how the concept works as many people didn’t quite get it
  • Identify if it would be repetitive of not

As with all ideas, they are never perfect straight away and all need developing. This especially is true with experimental films because although I know how it will work, it is nearly impossible to show other people how it would work solely based on a brief outline.

With much to think about, until next time.

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