FOURTEEN – Footage Tests & Music

In today’s post we get to see some big progress. First, lets talk about music!

So after a long search I’ve finally found someone to make me some found sound nature music. I’ve already received the first draft for Spring and I’m pretty happy with it. I’ll reveal more details as I get them and after I’ve spoken to the composer just to double-check if he’s happy to have his name in the blogs etc.

As for the footage tests aspect of this post, I’ve completed a Stop Motion Test for Spring. This test shows the Face of Spring revealed from two angles at two different speeds. The first two tests show it at 12.5 Frames Per Second and each shot is 1 Frame (this means each 12 and a half pictures equals 1 second of film). The second two tests are done at the same 12.5 Frames Per Second put each shot is 2 frames in length (so every 6 and a quarter pictures equals 1 second of film). Here’s the footage to show the differences.

The other test video is to give me an idea of how some of the autumn footage may look edited together with some colour grading, a few stock sound effects and some special effects.

Obviously both need a lot of work to bring them up to scratch, but I find myself feeling positive about the outcomes.

With that, I’ll end this one here.

Until next time.

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