ONE – An Introduction

Hello, my name is Jack Watling. I am currently a University film student in my final year and freelance gaffer/lighting technician. As part of my Final Major Project, I am required to create a blog. The purpose of the blog is to act as a sort of running commentary for what will eventually become my final 15-20 minute University film.


To briefly introduce myself, I am a mature student. I restarted my education into film around 4 years ago, after initially leaving school I have worked in several different industries such as construction, sales and retail. A lot of these jobs have given me skills that I can apply to the freelance work I take on in my spare time such as prop building, set design, negotiating and problem solving. My main area of interest is lighting as it is an extremely effective method of creating mood and feel, it’s also a good way to make a low budget film look more professional without breaking the bank.

As for the film, it will be between 15-20 minutes, can be any type of film (experimental, short film, documentary etc.) and will be graded across two modules. One of the modules is solely based on the outcome and effectiveness of the film. The other module will be graded based on preproduction materials such as scripts, storyboards, risk assessments etc., this blog and management aspects of making a film.

For now though that’s it. My next post will hopefully be within the next few days when I can reveal in more detail the plan for my film.

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