SEVENTEEN – The Vision for the Final Film

In this post I’m going to outline what I wanted to create for my final major film project. As my final post will be an analysis of the film, I feel it’s a good idea to do a post that acts as a check list that essentially helps me see if I’ve achieved the films goals.

First, a little update. Due to the changes the film had a name change. This was because Dad’s Old Glass no longer fitted. The final name was A Journey Through the Seasons of Change. it was changed to this as the new title basically describes what the film is about.

With that mini update done, lets begin.

For my final Major Project, I wanted to:

  • Create an Alternate take on the Documentary Genre

I wanted to show footage that showed British Wildlife and Landscapes during the different seasons. I wanted the images to speak for themselves, without the aid of narration or subtitles. This footage would form the bulk of the film. Basically documenting footage with a what you see is what you get mentally.

  • Include a fantasy element that would drive the Narrative 

I wanted to create a film that had a elements of the fantasy genre in it. These elements would be in the form of masks that acted as avatars of the season. Each mask would invoke a feeling or reaction based on how another character interacts with them. Winter would be the most negative of the seasons, with the character acting hostile towards it. Summer would be the most positive, with the character acting in praise of this season.

  • Use footage captured using specific lens and equipment

All of the films footage would be captured on a 700D using a Helios 44mm Lens and a Optomax 70-210mm lens. I would also use lens filters to in order to emphasise different colours during the shooting phase instead of the post production phase. This was because the original name of the Film, Dads Old Glass. The film intended to use my dads old lens to evoke certain feelings.

  • Use a soundtrack that compromised of Found Sound

The film’s music and only sounds was to be made up of actual sounds that would be used to make soundtracks of each season.

  • Incorporate Miniature Sets that would use green screen techniques to create visual interest

The film would have several miniature sets that acted as cut away sections of the film. These sets would show the character traversing through them, acting as a visual representations of the difficulties of each of the seasons. 

  • Incorporate stop motion techniques to create visual interest

These were the basic elements I wanted to include in my film. The final film would be an avant-garde styled documentary, conforming to ideas presented in Woolens Binary of counter cinema film making.  It would contain inspiration from experimental film making philosophies as presented in articles regarding Stan Brakhages works and the art of seeing.


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