SIXTEEN – Last Days of Filming

This ones a little late in posting due to what can only be categorised as a trying period due to MRI appointments, Family Bereavements and a couple of technical issues thrown in for good measure.

Regardless of this, Filming (and editing) has finally been completed.

In this blog post, I’m going to talk about some of the final shoots and the costume used in the film.

Firstly, the costume. For the main characters costume I wanted to create a costume typical of a medieval fantasy character. This would aid in creating the dream like fantasy sequences when introducing the avatars of each of the seasons.

As seen from the picture above, it pulls this off quite well (even if I do say so myself). For the most part, the elements that make up this costume are in fact authentic of the medieval period with the exception of the robe, staff and one of the belts. The under-shirt is what would of been worn typically by most classes of the early medieval period. This shirt would be worn under anything from a tunic to armour padding that would have a shirt of mail armour over the top of it.

This is an example of (me and a Viking) the Under Shirt worn in full Norman period armour.

The robe was a simple green hooded robe. I chose green for its denotations that the character is seeking to escape the darkness of winter and find new life of spring and summer. The costume also featured a string of rosemary beads, to create the idea that the seasons and the masks are a spiritual entity. Other trinkets were attached to belts too, such as a set of eating knives typical of more later medieval periods and simple leather pouch which were often used as the ye olde equivalent of a purse.

The staff was created using a salt stone and a think garden stake. The stone was sanded down to fit a hole drilled into the top of the stake and then carved. the sake itself was similarly carved with various shapes and symbols. The stake under went various degrees of painting techniques. Mainly that of paint and then sanding down to make distressed followed by various washes to help add depth and age to areas of detail.

The staff helped me create the mise en scene that denotes the fantasy and magical elements of the film.

The costume helped create a robed wizard like looking character. Which was exactly what I was aiming for.

Finally, the last days of shooting involved capturing the mask and the acting part. This took place in my garage set, with simple black sheets put up as a back drop that would be cut out in post. These sequences would be used to introduce each season and how the character feels about them. Autumn is shown to be closely scrutinised by the character before raising his hood and venturing off to brave winter. The character reacts to Winter winter anger and defiance. Spring is a time of solemn prayer that beckons the coming of Summer and finally Summer is worshipped with kneeling praise.

With the film now almost finished, the next two posts will be the last. The first post will be outline what i wanted to create and the last will be a post that analyses if I had achieved this.

That’s it for now. Until Next Time.

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