TWO – The Big Idea

The idea for my final major project is to make a 20-minute crime thriller that plays with the super hero genre too.

The film follows the story of a young man, named Sabastian, who has everything taken away from him during his home is robbed. His fiancé is slain; he is left for dead and is the only witness to the crime.

During his recovery, he is introduced to two men. The first is a Detective named William Carver, the man in charge of the investigation. Unfortunately, due to the lack of evidence or witness’s Carver’s visit is to tell Sabastian that without any new information that the case will be closed. The second visitor is a Priest. The Priest offers Sabastian a justice that the law cannot. He tells him that if he is willing to become a warrior of god, then he will give him his revenge.

Initially, Sabastian dismisses him. However, when Det. Carver tells him that the case is closed due to lack of evidence he contacts the Priest.

Sabastian turns himself into a warrior and takes on a guise of a vigilante hero. He gets his revenge and then proceeds to bring ‘Justice’ to the streets. Meanwhile, Carver is now tasked to track down this masked vigilante.

Eventually, Carver tracks Sabastian down. Passed the point of redemption, Sabastian is unwillingly killed by the Detective.

So, that’s the basic plot. The film however may be done in several ways.

As it stands at the moment, it’s all told from Carvers point of view. However, it could be that to tell the story in a linear way it may be too long for 20 minutes. With that in mind I may do it as a series of flash backs based on a debriefing from carver to a Chief Detective or may even film it like the film Rashomon (1950) Directed by Akira Kurosawa.


Rashomon Poster courtesy of Google Images


If I went down this root the story could be told in a multitude of ways as people’s points of views would differ.

With much to consider, I will end this post here.

Until next time.


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